Reaching 8-Figures:

How Mercury's Founder Led His Last Company to a $45m Exit

Reaching 8 Figures:

How to Reverse Engineer Your Company to a $45m Exit

LIVE EVENT   //  1/14 2PM CST

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When Immad Akhund started Heyzap, he had no idea his plans for a tiny social network would become a mobile adtech dev tool worth $45m.

By staying flexible, Immad was able to spot and pivot toward bigger market demand -- and gain tens of millions of dollars in value while doing so.

In this exclusive live event, we’ll sit down with him to talk:
  • How he figured out who would give him the highest valuation
  • How many months he prepared before talking to buyers
  • The difference between selling to a strategic buyer vs private equity
  • ​How Mercury is supporting entrepreneurs as they chase million-dollar goals

Sam Parr

Founder and CEO of The Hustle

Sam Parr is the founder of The Hustle, an information brand with millions in advertising and subscription revenue. He also co-founded Hustle Con, a series of conferences with tens of thousands of attendees. Additionally, he's bought and sold a handful of small companies ranging from $100k to $10m.

Immad Akhund

Founder & CEO of Mercury

Immad Akhund is the founder and CEO at Mercury, a tech company building banking for startups. Prior to founding Mercury, Immad was the CEO and co-founder at Heyzap, a mobile developer tools company, which sold for $45m in 2016. He is an active investor in Silicon Valley and has invested in 100+ seed-stage startups including Airtable, Substack, and Rappi.
Thursday, January 14th
2:00 PM CT
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